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Mark Fidrych

mark_fidrych_80.jpgOvershadowed by the tragic death last week of Nick Adenhart at the hands of a drunk driver, and the passing on Monday of the beloved Harry Kalas, was the death of Mark Fidrych.

Fidrych also died on Monday, at the age of 54. His death was apparently an accident – he was found by a family friend underneath a dump truck that he appeared to have been working on.

Fidrych was one of baseball’s true characters, known for talking to the baseball while on the mound, and for grooming the mound to his liking from his hands and knees.

He was named the AL Rookie of the Year in 1976, with a 19-9 record and a league-leading 2.34 ERA.

Rest in peace, Mark Fidrych.


Paint It Black

Whoever was in charge of painting the outfield wall at the new Citi Field in New York must have been listening to too much of the Rolling Stones. Whereas most ballparks have either green or blue outfield walls, Citi Field’s walls look a bit, well, ominous.

citifieldwall (2).jpg

According to an Inquirer columnist, the wall color was being discussed on New York’s WFAN-AM, and supposedly the proper name of the color is “soot”. Hmm. Considering the source, one can never be 100% sure of the veracity of this information. However, if that is truly the correct name for the color, it seems like perfect grist for smart-alecky comments. I’ll start to think of some.


Howard’s Mouth

Also in today’s Inquirer, a report that in addition to dropping weight and working on his defense, Ryan Howard is attempting to improve his game by wearing a high-tech mouthguard that is alleged to improve athletic performance.

whatisappm-header.jpgIt is supposed to be similar to the one worn by Manny Ramirez, which we saw way too much of outside of his mouth during the playoffs last fall. (Hey Manny, it only works if you wear it inside your mouth!)

Made by Bite Tech, Inc., the theory behind it is that it prevents the wearer from clenching their jaw and creating pressure within the temporomandibular joint, thereby restricting the flow of blood to the head and brain.

Is the benefit physiological, or psychological? Who knows – either way, it’s all in their heads.

They’re not cheap, either. Though no prices are listed on the website, the Pure Power Mouthguard (Manny’s brand) costs around $2,000.

Well, considering Howard got that nice big contract, I guess he can afford it.

But please, Ryan, keep it IN your mouth, OK? 

(Citi Field photo from www.metspolice.com; mouthguard from www.ppmmouthguard.com)


2k for a mouth piece so you don;t bite down? Maybe that is how he lost the weight too :O) Crazy! Hey, you going to the game Friday or the tribute on Sat.? I just got a tix for Friday :O)


Maybe I need one of those mouth pieces if it helps with dieting. Mark’s death was so sad. Since he lived in Massachusetts we got early news and it was hard to take.


I have a mouth guard that looks just like the photo. (I grind my teeth at night – and when the Yankees are losing:) But it sure didn’t cost that much! They’re cheap!


Darn, so maybe if I got to Target and pick up an $8 mouthpiece I too can have better performance! Probably stop grinding my teeth too like Jane.

That is clearly why I was never the best player on my field hockey team. I didn’t have a $2000 mouthguard. I get it now. Darn. Think of all my missed opportunities.

There were far too many deaths this week in baseball. Hopefully Ryan Howard and Manny Ramirez’s mouth guards work better than mine. I grind my teeth so badly, I destroy my mouth guard.

Jenn – Enjoy Friday’s game! Wish I could be there too!
Julia – a dieting mouthguard, hmm, I could use one of those too. Or maybe I should just resist buying the snack food in the first place.
Jane – I hope the Yanks’ early season woes aren’t wreaking havoc on your teeth!
Tom – wonder if they help blogging performance too? Maybe we should all get one!
Melissa – yep, I could have used one while playing softball in high school. Hit great during warm-ups, sucked during the game. I bet I was clenching my jaw!
Emily – freaky how they seem to come in threes, isn’t it? Glad to have you back blogging!

The first two games at Citi Field have been very interesting. I can’t wait for the series finale tonight…Jake Peavy’s pitching!

I can play ‘Paint it Black’ on Guitar Hero pretty well. And that mouthguard looks like my retainer.

Why would any pay 2k for a mouth guard? I can think of much better things to spend 2k on! I agree, Sue, keep it in their mouth….

Thanks for the reminder of Fidrych’s death. I recently posted a little about both Adenhart and Kalas, but should have mentioned Fidrych as well; certainly another big loss for baseball in this wild week.

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