UtterLEE Fantastic!

Cliff Lee made his fourth start last night as a Phillie, and turned in a complete-game, two-hit,
8-1 victory over the Diamondbacks. Since being picked up by the Phils, he is 4-0 with a 0.82 ERA, and two complete games. Rather than being the consolation prize after a deal for Roy Halliday failed to materialize, his performance ought to have us all saying “Roy who?”

He’s been that good.


I’ve got lots of other stuff to report on, too, but wanted to get a quick one out there. Too much going on and not enough spare time to blog about it. In addition to last Thursday’s preseason Eagles game, to which we had free🙂 tickets, Sunday was a Kids Club game at the Reading Phillies. Special Kids Club event was a pregame player Q and A session. And yesterday I attended the Phillies’ Basesball 101 for Women event, which included sessions with J.A. Happ and Charlie Manuel, as well as a ticket to last night’s game. So I promise to deliver a longer post later, with lots of photos and details!

Maybe I shouldn’t say “promise”. How about “intend”? Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning.

(photo by me)

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Cliff Lee has been great! Congrats! And I’d love to hear what the fan reaction was during the game when it was announced that Michael Vick had been signed by the Eagles. Or did they announce it during the game?


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