The Magic of Macy’s?

macys ad.jpgImagine my surprise this morning when I glanced at the back of the Philadelphia Inquirer. I nearly spit out my coffee – had I woken up in some alternative universe where Games 2, 3, and 4 actually had good endings? Or do the people at Macy’s know something that the rest of us don’t? If the Phillies should somehow win the next three games, I guess I will have to believe that Macy’s is truly magical, indeed.


Oh my, I really hope Macy’s knows something we do not…


I wonder how much money is lost when one of the teams loses in the major sporting events because of clothing being made for each team as “champions”.

How does something like that happen? I want that guy’s job : ) I’m sure I’d be a tad more thorough.. chuckle.

Buz –

When I first saw that shirt (I think it was posted on deadspin?) I thought maybe I’d missed something. LOL. I hope nobody lost his/her job over the mistake.

I wonder if you can still order even if the Yankees win. It’d be quite the novelty item.


Oh Sue – I hope Macy’s didn’t jinx the Phillies! I was rooting for Pedro and the Phillies last night. It was a tough loss.


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