Hurry Spring!

Or I may go insane.

As of 3 pm today, this was the view behind my house:


The snow is still falling fast and furious, and is expected to continue into tonight.

I am not a snow person. For a few delusional years in my early twenties, I tried to convince myself it wasn’t so bad. But I came to my senses, and realized that life is better with palm trees.

beach.jpgI am trying to console myself with the fact that in a mere 29 days, hubby and I will be on our way to sunny Clearwater, Florida for a week of Spring Training.

I just have to survive these white flakes of pure evil first.

***UPDATE: The Morning After***

Well, this is what it looks like this morning. Here is my patio:


and this is my deck:


At least it is nice and sunny today so some of it will melt off the roof and driveway.

The Phillies’ equipment truck was scheduled to leave today for Florida. I haven’t seen if it actually got on the road or not. Wish I could stow away inside.

Only 28 days now. *sigh*


Oh my lord Sue! It looks beautiful so you can cuddle inside with a hot apple cider .
It doesn’t look like it in your picture, but Spring is around the corner. Very soon you will be at Clearwater cooling off with a cold drink.

Emma, believe me, I am counting the days!

Oh Sue! Those pictures that you are added are wonderful! I have never made an angel in the snow but my friends in NH said that next time I go there during Winter, I have to do that . Looking at the pictures I want to do that!

I know I’m supposed to say that snow is beautiful, and in a way it is – a winter wonderland. But there’s a reason I moved to a warmer client and SNOW is it! Glad the sun came out and it’s starting to melt. Clearwater is just around the corner.

Wow! Your deck looks like the ‘Stay-Puft’ Mashmellow Man! It is funny how Ontario, Canada has come away with very light snowfall this year, but everything directly south of us is getting hammered! Oh well, brighter days are ahead … just 28 days!

Emma – If there were a way, I would be more than happy to ship you some of my excess snow.🙂
Jane – If our kids weren’t still school-age, I think my husband and I would be seriously considering doing the same. But we’ve got another 9 years till they’re at least in college! They could always make new friends, and I’m sure the old ones would love to visit, right?

Holy jee-whiz! That’s a lot of snow. We got a foot here yesterday in the Chi and that was some sort of record but y’all got dumped on big time. Let’s hope the equipment truck is able to get out okay… we need all the distractions from these blizzards we can get🙂

LOL You too huh? Being from PA…outside Philly….Hmmm doesn’t like snow? That’s a problem. Have fun in FLA.!

Last time I talked to you about snow, Sue, I suggested you send some to my to dump on my lawn. I think the entire NE US (from DC to Boston) could send the excess snow to Vancouver–they seem to be running short… Hmmm…
We’ve gotten over a foot of snow twice this year–unusual for us, also! We have also exceeded record snow totals this winter! Nowhere close to your amounts, though!

Jeremy – I’m sure people in your neck of the woods are used to this kind of snow, but we’re not. The amount of snow this year has already set a seasonal record for the Philly area, and winter’s not over yet – ack!
Jeff – I saw that the equipment truck did indeed get on the road, but a few hours later than planned.
BTB – Believe me, I will! Maybe I’ll have so much fun I’ll just decide not to come back (especially if it snows again while we’re away).
Greg – Yes, if only the East Coast could send our excess snow to Vancouver! Hard to believe they are having to truck it in to some of the Olympic courses.

That snow is beautiful🙂 There’s nothing like that here in San Diego though. It’s probably 65-70 degrees outside right now. Yep, sunny San Diego🙂

i for one do love the snow. yes its a pain to get around and the temperatures in the teens stink, but it is beautiful to look at.

thanks for the kinds words of PNC Park. Citizens Bank is a fun place too. I just have to hit both New Yorks, Toronto, Miami and Seattle and I will have hit all 30 parks. Each year my family plan our summer vactions to hit at least 2, sometimes 5 different parks. Have done it all my life, love every minute of it and really how I got to be such a big baseball fan.

And congrats to us both! We made the front page

Wow, lots of snow!!! Glad you are surviving and that you will be going to sunny Florida. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees in Long Beach. Gorgeous.

I am not a fan of snow, epecially since I live in San Diego. As for baseball, I can’t wait!!! It’s so close! Also, feel free to check out my pictures from the Padres Fan Fest.

ooh snow! It was cold and rainy in Southern California but it’s nice weather now. I’m so glad it is! Can’t wait we’re sooooooo close to spring training I can taste it!

Sue, it will be OK! Just think of baseball… baseball marks the spring, as does truck day! Spring starts on truck day!

Well Sue,
That white concoaction you spoke of got to within 200 miles of the field in Clearwater, mostly falling in the suburbs of Dothan, Alabama so far to the north of us here in chilly ( 53 degree) Clearwater, Florida.
But there is good news in the beginning of a warming trend here just in time for the guys to hit the field “officially” on Friday.
Hopefully the same will be in the air for parts of the NE and Central United States that has been ravished by white stuff this year.
I am blaming “El Nino”, but it might be that some other hot place has frozen over after a certain team won the World Series….just a thought.

Rays Renegade

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