Your Wish Is Granted!

jambi.jpgWell, my birthday wishes came true yesterday – the Phillies DID win, and the Braves DID lose, so the Phils are atop the NL East. For the moment, anyway.

Now that three blogs’ worth of wishes in a row have been granted, I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead!


Clash of the Crustaceans

Saw this little news item on the Phillies website. Over the weekend, the Phils’ single-A affiliate, the Lakewood BlueClaws, won their South Atlantic League semifinal series over the Hickory Crawdads.

blueclaws logo.jpg
crawdads logo.jpg

Based on the mascots, I would definitely pick Pinchy the Crab in a mascot smackdown over Conrad the Crawdad. Pinchy just has a more determined look about him, and besides, Conrad is hiding behind a giant ‘H’.

The BlueClaws will now face the Greenville Drive for the Sally League title.

For the most part, minor league team names and mascots are a source of great amusement for me. But “Drive”? What kind of team name is “Drive”, anyway? Don’t the execs in Greenville realize that a catchy team name and mascot will provide multitudinous marketing opportunities, with cute little mascot bobbleheads and stuffed mascots for sale in the team store?


Good luck, BlueClaws!


Happy belated birthday Sue! Glad your wishes were granted! I like the picture of the Bluecraws. So cute, and is blue!

Weird it was my wife’s b’day yesterday (12th), I think thats when you say yours was…

here’s hoping the Floridian air gives them more W’s

Phillies Outside

Emma – Thanks! In my mind, belated wishes just extend the celebration!🙂
Peter – Yes, the 12th is when it was. Did your wife wish for a Phillies win, too?

Like they say, “a blue claw is better than no claw”… right? Someone said that at some point, right? Happy belated birthday and glad something’s going right in the baseball world for someone at least.

Glad you had a great birthday and your wish came true! I sure would love a rematch of last year’s WS but the Yankees need some Red Bull to carry them at the moment.

Happy belated Birthday! I am officially going through minor league withdrawals and a case of the blues to boot. BKN Cyclones lost our championship. I went to Lakewood last year for a game. They have a very nice place. Your Philly charge for the pennant is reminding me of 1976 thru 1978. I remember not being happy about it then also. Some things never change. : 0

Glad U had a nice B-Day :O) Looks like the Phils are having a nice September! Hoping they keep it up against the Nats who love to try and crush our hopes and dreams…


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