At Least They’re Not Prima Donnas

Game 1 of the World Series is tonight, but even though my foul mood cloud has finally dissipated, I’m not watching it. Frankly, I don’t really care who wins, though if pressed to choose, I would probably prefer the Rangers.

Instead, I’ve been searching the internet for entertaining tidbits to share with you. Did you know that the comments section of articles can be a treasure trove of amusement?

I found this particular comment in response to a column of Phillies news regarding, among other things, Utley’s subpar season and Rollins’ declining numbers. I’ll have to assume that the author is probably a Phillies fan, though they seem not to think much of the majority of the team, and apparently don’t believe in capitalization.:

pre madonnas copy.jpg

According to 420philly, the Phillies are a “bunch of pre madonnas”.

Aha! No wonder we got beat in the NLCS – we need to let this team of “pre madonnas” mature into full-fledged Madonnas.

But which Madonna?

Are we talking about the Material Girl?

madonna.jpgOr the Spiritual Girl?

Madonna_and_Child edit.jpgAnd which one would be the better ballplayer?


I love the comments that follow the MLB articles. They crack me up, both because the reactions are so extreme and nonsensical and because nobody seems to know how to spell!

Nice! Always a soldier for semantics, those little misspellings often get me goin’ on my high horse. I love it!

Yep, such quality promotional work for the school systems, but I still like the question you pose, which Madonna would be better… hmmmm that’s like asking what are they feeding Burrell and Ross in San Francisco…


Phillies Outside

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