Everybody Wants One

I want one too.

chooching owl.jpgI’ll ignore the blatant typo (“choocing”? doesn’t anyone proofread before they send this stuff out en masse to untold numbers of email subscribers?). I’ll also ignore the fact that the artist’s rendering doesn’t really look like an owl – maybe more like a feathered werewolf-Ruiz.

Speaking of feathers, here is how it is described in the email I received earlier today:

Ruiz, who has become a staple in the Phillies lineup, and one of the most popular players over the years, will look like an owl and will “Chooch” at the push of a button. The “Chooching Owl” will feature the face of Carlos Ruiz on an owl, complete with feathers, and the number 51 on its back. Normally, owls “Hoot”, but perhaps the best part of the giveaway is the fact that the “Chooching Owl” will say the word “Chooch” – Ruiz’s familiar nickname.

It’s goofy. It’s quirky. It’s kind of strange-looking. I must have it!

Note that this giveaway is not until August 2, and here they are, over 4 months in advance, already enticing us to buy tickets.

The Reading Phillies (or as they like to refer to themselves, the R-Phils) tempted me like this last year, with the Ryan Howard Garden Gnome. You may recall that my gnome-quest turned into a bit of a fiasco (for me, not the R-Phils).

[If you don’t feel like clicking on the link to read about that particular experience, suffice it to say that my family left gnomeless that night.]

Will the Chooching Owl be this year’s version of the Ryan Howard Garden Gnome? Check back in August, and I’ll let you know how we fared.


A chooching owl. Now that’s a new one for me. But then I’m still mystified by bobbleheads. My only collectible is a lone baseball signed by Mickey Mantle.


I love the idea.
Reminds me of the Carl Crawford last season attached to a parachute. Nothing you would expect from CC, but worth the price of admission seeing one come down from the 300 level during a Sunday game….classic.
I wonder if his head will seem to go 360 degrees like an owl’s?
If it does, isn’t that a bit creepy?
Can’t wait to see what the promo team thinks of next…possibly a fan club called the Phillies Regiment with each member getting a red beret with a glorious Phillies style “P” on it….
Salute the Championship banners soldier!

Rays Renegade

This is hysterical. I would do everything in my power to get one. Past memories of failed obtenation garden gnomes (which also sounds hysterical) be damned.

Yeah, that’s a sad, sad lookin’ owl, but I would DEFINITELY get me one!

I love the really random giveaways, and the minor league teams seem to have some of the best. A Chooching owl definitely fits my so bad it’s actually awesome category of giveaways.
Yeah, gnome woes abounded last season. The Angels gnomes – also a hot ticket item and they didn’t even try to make those gnomes look like a particular player – did not arrive from Indonesia or wherever in time for the giveaway so people had to get their gnomes mail order. Then there weren’t enough to go around and so on. Lots of trouble those gnomes.

I remember your Gnome fiasco last year. Let’s hope you have better luck this time with your chooching owl. That should be hilarious. A nice conversation piece.

That is so silly, I have to get one! But why couldn’t they make the chooch pillow? I may have to make my own :O)


What an awesome give-away. This is what makes the Minors the best. I’ll be seeing a couple of R-Phils games in May, but they will be at Portland. Should be some good baseball.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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