Words Fail Me

Family-friendly words, that is. Words that are unfit for public viewing, that would scorch your retinas, are definitely NOT failing me at the moment – not last night, and not today.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will have to rely on my handy alter-ego from last year’s NLCS disaster to convey my true feelings about last night’s display of utter crapitude:


Sending condolences, Sue. I wasn’t happy when my Yanks were ousted so I know how it feels. Cursing is very helpful.🙂

Yes, it’s very cathartic! Sorry about your Yankees, as well. I was actually pulling for them to win – good grief, I feel like I’m becoming a closet Yankees fan!

Sorry Sue. The look on the fans faces said it all. We all been there. Hope you are feeling better.

Emma, for some reason your comment ended up in my spam folder, and I didn’t see it until today. Weird. Hope things are well with you!

The Phillies will be fine. With that pitching staff, though, anything less than a World Series title is a disappointment. That picture above explains a lot about how you felt/feel.

Aaron, you’re right, I think we all succumbed to the hype of the Four Aces. They forgot that you have to still actually score some runs to win games.

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