Will Jimmy Find What He’s Looking For?

As expected, Jimmy Rollins became a free agent on Sunday, along with fellow Phillies Ross Gload, Raul Ibanez, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Roy Oswalt, and Brian Schneider. The Phillies are in discussions with Rollins’ agent, but it may be tough to reach an agreement that gives him what he’s looking for:

Yep, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, he’s not a seeking a five-year contract, but a five-year contact.

I’ve heard of extended wear contacts, but they seem to top out at 30 days, making 5 years seem a bit extreme.

Good luck with that one, Jimmy! 😉


Hahahaha. A five-year contact. I guess that’s someone who will be his friend for five years. Don’t you love how newspapers check for typos?

Ha, ha, I’ll be his friend for five years! I really wonder how much actually proofreading goes on these days, now that everyone relies on spell-check. Easy to miss this one, since “contact” is a word and not an obvious misspelling.

Cool newspaper, providing both the stats and personal ads for the players. A five-year contact, eh? Now that’s one rigidly structured serial monogamist!
— Kristen

I’m not sure his wife would appreciate that, Kristen!

I had to read that twice to get it. I read contact as contract. Anyway, I hope he stays in Philly.


It IS easy to miss; your mind knows what it’s supposed to say, and sees that instead. Thanks for stopping by, Ron!

typos make the journalist in me cringe. and reread all of our newspapers this week.

proofreading still exists! but so do thing like copydesks. so. um. sometimes it’s not the reporter’s fault, i hear…

I would love to Rollins in a Brewers uniform. I don’t he is worth 5 years but he is an above average player. He is definitely going to get the job done better than Betancourt.

Who is his agent? I can’t think he’ll get this. I can see a player coming off a comeback year getting an extended contract, because the team wants him for the first few years, but Jimmy only hit .263 in 2011.
-Mateo Fischer

Not sure off the top of my head who his agent is – I know it’s not Boras, though. As it is, he ended up signing a three-year deal, with an option for a fourth, to stay with the Phils. That works for me.🙂

LOL Sue! Leave it to you to find that.

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