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“Frisky” Werth, the Name Game, and More Tongue

“I guess he was feeling frisky”

Thus spake Charlie Manuel last night, after Jayson Werth stole home in the seventh inning, for his fourth steal of the night. Manuel was taken by surprise just as much as the rest of us. I have to admit, I was staring right at the TV and almost didn’t realize what was going on, as Werth came flying into the screen and under the tag.

Werth took advantage of catcher Russell Martin’s casual lobbing of the ball back to relief pitcher Ronald Belisario. Martin had pretty much ignored Werth as he was on third, so once the opportunity presented itself, he took off.

Werth’s four steals in a game tied a team record, shared by Garry Maddox and Sherry Magee.


What’s your name?

You may notice in the above picture that Russell Martin’s jersey has his name as “J. Martin”. What’s up with that, my husband and I wondered. A little internet searching turned up an article on the Dodgers website that sheds light on the matter. The J. stands for Jeanson, one of Russell’s multiple middle names, and also the maiden name of his mother. Using the J. is his way of paying tribute to his mom.

In case you were wondering, Martin’s full name is Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin.

Quite a mouthful, but still one name short of this beauty:

mclishsig.jpgCalvin Coolidge Julius Ceasar Tuskahoma McLish, aka Cal McLish. Cal pitched for seven teams over the course of his career, finishing with the Phillies from 1962-64.

Gimme some tongue

It seems everywhere I look these days, there are more pictures of players with their tongues hanging out. What is going on here? This image was found on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s coverage of last night’s game, showing Orlando Hudson caught in a rundown:


I’m surprised no one ends up biting their tongue (literally) while doing this.

On Monday morning, I found this little gem, also featured by Jane Heller. Somehow, it looks R-rated (or at least PG-13):


Grammar/music/history lesson for the day

No, I did not make a typo, “spake” is actually a word. It is the past tense of speak, though it is an archaic form. It also reminded me of the Richard Strauss composition, Also Sprach Zarathustra, which is sometimes translated into English as “Thus Spake Zarathustra”. You may recognize its introduction as the memorable musical theme from 2001: A Space Oddysey. Zarathustra, also known as Zoroaster, was an ancient Iranian prophet and religious poet.

So, am I likening Charlie Manuel to a prophet? Absolutely not. It just sounded good.

(Werth/Martin photo and Ruiz/Hudson photo by Ron Cortes for the Philadelphia Inquirer; Yankee tongue photo by Rob Carr/AP)

Phils Swept by Mutts, er, Mets

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog entry, my sister and I rooted for opposing teams during our formative years. I was, of course, phaithful to the Phillies, while she rooted for the Mets only because she had a crush on Lee Mazzilli. As sisters so often do, we made fun of each other’s choices – the best way for me to get on her nerves was to refer to the Mets as “Mutts.”

Well, judging from this photographic evidence, maybe I wasn’t so far off. Here’s last night’s starting pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, with a little tongue action going on:


Not wanting to miss out on the fun, David Wright joins in on the tongue-wagging:


Kind of like pound puppies, hoping to find a loving home. Well, keep looking, you’re not welcome in my house!

Anyway, the Phillies once again did not heed my advice and administer a butt-whippin’ to the Mets. They were swept in a short two-game set.

In the first game, Chan Ho Park took the mound for the Phillies, looking for a decent start after being pretty dismal so far this year. As Johan Santana was pitching for the Mets that night, all logic seemed to indicate that this game was a lost cause.

Miraculously, Park matched Santana through six innings, before being lifted for a pinch-hitter in a scoreless game. Six innings, one hit, 2 walks, and 5 stikeouts! Way to go, Chan Ho! Who’d of thunk it? Unfortunately for Park, his ERA is still a less than stellar 6.67.

The Mets plated an unearned run in the bottom of the seventh, as Carlos Delgado was able to score all the way from first, on a bad throw by Pedro Feliz that sailed past Ryan Howard and into the outfield. Jayson Werth may have had a play at the plate, but he hesitated before throwing.

Need I remind these guys what happens when you hesitate?

That lone run would be enough, as the Mets won, 1-0.

In the second game, Jamie Moyer pitched like you would expect from a relic 46-year-old, giving up 7 runs in 2 1/3 innings. Props go again to the bullpen, for pitching 5 2/3 scoreless innings and giving the Phils a chance to stay in the game.

And they did try their darndest to come back once again. Ryan Howard launched a bomb to the deepest part of the field; too bad there was no one on base. Jayson Werth hit a 2-run shot to left. After being down 7-1, the Phils managed to get as close as 7-5, but there would be no miracle.

Oh well.

The Phillies are back home now for a weekend set against the Braves. Despite the two losses, they still hold a slim 1/2 game lead over both the Mets and Marlins. Let’s not let it slip away!

(both photos Julie Jacobsen/AP)


Friday Night Fish Fry

In what has become a disturbing trend so far in this season for the Phillies, starter Brett Myers gave up 3 runs to the Marlins in the first inning tonight on a 3-run homer to Dan Uggla. Cripes, guys, what’s with all the long balls? I’m getting a little tired of it, as I’m sure pitching coach Rich Dubee is, too.

The Fish retained that 3-0 lead through eight innings. Things looked bleak for the Phillies heading into the ninth, as Ryan Howard was retired to start things off. But then Jayson Werth doubled, Raul Ibanez walked, and Matt Stairs singled to drive in a run. Lou Marson walked to load the bases, but then Eric Bruntlett struck out. Next up was Jimmy Rollins, who walked to force in another run, making it 3-2. Shane Victorino picked an opportune time to have his bat awaken, as he then hit a grand slam to give the Phils a 6-3 lead. Chase Utley would add a solo shot of his own for good measure, to make it 7-3.

Ryan Madson took over in the bottom of the ninth, and though he allowed a walk and a double, he retired the side with no further scoring. Phillies win!


No crotch shots in today’s newspaper – darn! Two worthy captions for yesterday’s photo were submitted, they appear below.


“No, if you cover it up like this no one can see the stain”

– OR –

“Hey, get that away from my best friend!!!”

Thanks to Julia of Julia’s Rants for the first one, and Stanley of Phillies Red Pinstripes for the second. Thanks for having some fun with me!

(photo by Steven M. Falk/Philadelphia Inquirer)